Make the most of your journey home this summer

If you’re at College or University at the moment you may be dreading the journey home this summer.  Despite no more exams or coursework, the prospect of packing up your worldly belongings and carting your luggage home can feel a real chore, especially when all you want to do is make the most of your summer break.

Get ready to relax

Actually, it doesn’t have to be this way. Just let Student Luggage Delivery take the hassle of carrying your stuff from A to B, so you can start your summer holiday the moment you step foot out of your digs. Even better, without being tied down to lugging your belongings, why not make the most of your journey home? Whether you’re travelling by car or train, look at your route home and see if there are any interesting places you’d like to get to know along the way.  Or, if you have friends you’ve not seen for a while who live en-route, what better way to stop off and enjoy a long overdue catch up?

We often focus too much on getting from A to B, but stopping off during the journey can prove enlightening and fun, and without worrying about luggage, it’s the perfect opportunity!

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