5 tips to go from revision fade to holiday yay in no time!

The beginning of summer is the best, exams are done, the sense of freedom and not having to feel guilty each time you let your Netflix roll onto the next episode. It’s a great feeling but for those of us who book a holiday for as soon as exams are over there’s always a sudden panic of having to make yourself look and feel great again after weeks and weeks of revision hibernation (trackies and a messy bun bobbing around on our heads).

study tired luggage student
Wake up, exams are over…time to enjoy the summer!

I was in this situation last week, my family booked a trip to Italy and I had two days to go from feeling grim and stressed to feeling holiday ready. Here are my top tips…

  1. A good night’s sleep – after a few all-nighters you deserve it!
  1. Start your day right…it will make you feel like superwoman – the stress of exams usually causes our eating habits to change, we’re either munching our way through family size packs of chocolate and biscuits or are too stressed to even eat at all. Either way our body needs a bit of a reboot so a good healthy breakfast filled with protein, fats and some wholegrains will set you up for feeling great! My go to breakfast on the lead up to a holiday is always salmon, eggs and avocado. It gives you so much energy and avoids bloating.
healthy breakfast for travel
Ah, breakfast of champions!
  1. Move, move, move! – do some exercise, it doesn’t have to be a crazy session of squats and deadlifts but even a light jog outside will get your body moving and help you feel more human again.
  1. No pain, no gain – girls we all know that during exams our beauty regime can get neglected. Although that waxing appointment always gives us a bit of anxiety we all know it’s worth it. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi afterwards (to avoid any nail polish smudging) and all that talk of your holiday with the beautician will make you even more excited for your travels.
  1. Swap the shots for still water – this tip is a bit of a bore but it’s a tip I always follow. Avoid alcohol just before you jet-off, the sugars in alcohol will bloat you, and there is plenty of time for hangovers on the beach or by the pool so save it for then. If you stay really hydrated (2-3 litres of water a day) on the lead up to your holiday your skin will be glowing and it will help reduce bloating and give you more energy! Also flights are extremely dehydrating so this tip is a must!

Follow the above and you’ll be tip top for your travels in no time, trust me they work every time.  I’d love to hear if you have any other tips to share? Leave a comment below if you do.



Amy Rose is Student Luggage Delivery’s brand ambassador and guest blogger.  Amy studies at the University of Bristol and blogs about travel, wellbeing and student life.



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